calmbirth® is a prenatal education program developed by Peter Jackson, an Australian midwife, to eliminate fear and tension that many women experience during pregnancy and birth.  The course is based on the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal life events and during the course you will learn practical  relaxation skills and gain an understanding of:

  • How fear and tension can affect the physiology of birth
  • How to use relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques
  • Simple visualisation techniques
  • Understanding the positive effects of hormones at birth and how to keep them at optimal levels
  • The mechanics of labour and how the body is designed for birth
  • The stages of labour and the process of birth
  • The benefits of touch
  • Optimum Support for a birthing mum and how birth is a team effort
  • The importance of prenatal and after-birth bonding

During the course you will hear many positive birth stories.

Where: The course is run over two consecutive Saturdays at Neutral Bay or four evenings over four weeks in Frenchs Forest.

When: Anytime from 22 weeks onwards (most do it from 26 - 34 weeks) though later in your pregnancy is OK.

Cost: $550 per couple.  Please enquire with your health fund for rebates.

Cost includes:

  •   calmbirth® book
  •   relaxation CDs
  •   borrowing from the extensive library
  •   ongoing phone and email support

Private sessions: the calmbirth® course can be done privately in Frenchs Forest, please enquire with Louise.

Health funds: Louise is registered with many health funds and most health funds offer a rebate for these classes although it will depend on the type of cover you have. You will need to contact your health fund directly to determine the level of rebate available to you.

"The whole feeling, it was just a magical moment"…Emma

" I was the biggest skeptic going into something different. had two previous births which were just horrible and I was so tense about this birth (my third baby) This course made a huge difference to how I approached this birth, and how our daughter was born. It was just amazing." Kate

" the midwives kept saying how calm I was…" Caitlin

For more information contact Louise *click here for email address
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