Free eBook

Get your FREE ebook of positive and empowering birth stories.  There are 60 inspiring birth stories from women who have attended my birth courses. This book was originally published as a hard copy then became an ebook for all to read . The stories demonstrate how women and their partners worked together, how midwives and doctors supported their birth preferences and how birth transformed women's lives.

The common themes thoughout the book are:

  • calmbirth techniques for  preparation and during labour
  • Staying at home while in labour
  • Being induced and having a straight forward birth
  • Managing the Unexpected - long labours, short labours, caesareans
  • Partner's views - what  helped women stay calm in labour
  • Using acupuncture, TENS, or having a doula
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean - it is very possible!
  • Second time round births where births can be very different to the first labour and birth
  • What helped women birth more comfortably

Thank you to Renee Bilston who helped me put this book together when she had a babe in her arms.

There is the option of purchasing a hard copy.  Follow the link.