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Get your FREE ebook of birth stories. Why Free? Louise wants you to have the opportunity to read as many positive stories as you approach your birth, to help you trust in your ability to birth,  the process of birth and how you can re frame your thinking to "I can do this!" In the book women you will read about women who use a range of techniques to assist in birth; calmbirth, breathing, partner support, acupuncture, using the bath, massage.

From the Heart is a wonderful collection of inspiring and empowering birth stories written by mothers and fathers.  The chapters include:

  • Using calmbirth skills in preparation and during labour
  • Staying at home while in labour
  • Being induced and having a straight forward birth
  • Managing the Unexpected - long labours, short labours, caesareans
  • Partner's views - what  helped women stay calm in labour
  • Using acupuncture, TENS, or having a doula
  • Using the bath
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean - it is very possible!
  • Second time round births where births can be very different to the first labour and birth
  • What helped women birth more comfortably

There are 60 inspiring birth stories in this wonderful book and each story show how women and their birth partners worked together,  how midwives and doctors can supported their wishes.

Louise choose the title when Elizabeth wrote Thomas' birth story and said that when she started writing that it "all just came from the heart".  These stories in this book are a wonderful testimony that birth can be an empowering and positive experience.

This book would not be have been possible without the assistance of Renee Bilston, multimedia media expert.

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